To:Cheems of the future…

To: cheems of the future…

Hello, long time no see.

I am the past you.

When you think of this letter…

You should be an adult.

Have you fulfiled our dream?

Or, not done by life?

I don’t know.

But, cheems…

Never stop chasing.

I know it may be difficult…

Even if I tried hard, the flame of hope can’t be lit.

But, cheems…

If one day…

I give up.

Bury our dreams..

Well, no matter how many times.

Please must held your courage again…

Pick up your shovel again and dig out the dream again!

Our stories should not be buried deep in the ground…

But should store in the sky!

No matter how many times we’ve been knocked down,

don’t forget the power of dreams.

Go to the end of the Earth.

But it’s not just the end of the Earth…

To see the endless wilderness,

go and see the mountains stretching thousands of miles,

go and see the waterfall flowing straight down,

go and see the clear and clean lake,

no why, just because I wanted to go.

Isn’t that the best life?

—— 摘录自:清竹莫叶 ( bilibili ) :“cheems,你要去码头整点薯条吗?”

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